Jamar James

The Digital Currency Guy

Jamar James, also known as the Digital Currency Guy, is a cryptocurrency trading/business educator and coach. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps where he specialized in IT. Originally from Oakland, CA, he began his entrepreneurial journey when he started his first business at 24 as a real estate broker in Arizona. He successfully built his brokerage, but the market crash of 2009 created challenges for his business and he relocated to California where he went back to his roots in IT. He began another business consulting in IT & Blockchain for large corporate companies when he began to find a passion for day trading. His passion led him to cryptocurrency, as that was the only market open 24 hours. It was through this passion that he realized he had a gift for market predictions and swing trading. He began to share his wins with others and he developed a following and the Digital Currency Guy group was born.

Today, he has created a successful group of traders who want to change their lives and empower themselves financially. Jamar has taught many of his members not only the technical skills to become a successful trader, but also the mindset needed to become empowered and self sufficient. He also coaches business owners on how to utilize and incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain into their businesses. Jamar has a passion to spread cryptocurrency & b​lockchain to the masses and help others find their perfect day and change their lives. He currently lives in sunny Orange County, California where he lives his perfect day with his wife and two daughters.