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Let us share with you the key benefits of joining the fastest growing community of online marketers in the world!

Get A Free Website & Full Stocked Store, and Learn How To Create and Maintain Your Own Successful Online Business With No Money Upfront.

Learn Our Simple Copy, Paste, Profit Formula

A Simple Cut Paste Profit Formula

Learn How To Participate In Our Global Sales Bonus Pool

That’s how you make money with no risk.

Create your own online business today. Our instructors will show you how to buy and sell products without any outlay whatsoever. Every day thousands are using this proven system, making considerable incomes and becoming independent.

People do not want to go to stores anymore. It’s inconvenient and the products they sell generally cost more. For this reason, online shopping is now a multi-billion dollar industry. After years of research, Dream Builder University has been established because we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to join this industry and make an income from it.

We will explain every step, in PLAIN ENGLISH, and show you where to get your product. We also supply you with YOUR OWN WEBSITE and fully stocked online store ABSOLUTELY FREE. NO COST to set it up and NO COST to maintain it. EVER!

Once you have completed the basic course, you can be up and running in MINUTES


4 thoughts on “Member Benefits

    1. If you have an ebay store you could add your link to your store.
      Most people don’t do that, they usually just sell/dropship items direct. You’ll make more money that way.
      Get paid on eBay then when you dropship the products from your other business to get paid again.

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much for the video courses. I really enjoyed them and they were really helpful. Would you recommend the same methods when drop shipping from Aliexpress and our own TPS store?

    Thank you,

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