How To Sell on Google Shopping in 2020

Sell On Google Shopping

DBU 5 Minute Tip

Have you ever searched for a product on Google and like magic you see images of products right there in the search for sale?  The same thing happens on Bing is that is what you use for searching the internet.

I used to think that these were organic search results from Google… that was until I got heavy into selling via e-commerce.  Almost all of these are paid ads from people trying to sway you into their web or products.

It’s a lot easier than you think to sellyour products on Google Shopping.  They’ve made the process pretty seamless to keep Google the number one search engine in the world.  Remember keep it simple and just do it.  There is an awesome world that will open up right in front of you!!

DBU 5 Minute Tip

1. Setup A Google Merchant Account

Make sure you already have a product to sell on a shopping website.  Either a link to a store we’ve shown you how to setup on DBU, Shopify or Facebook store.

Google will give you various options depending on how you sell your products.  It even works for regular brick and motor stores.  Click here to go to the Google Merchant Center.

2. Connect Your Google and Setup Your Google Ads Account

Start Selling Your Products and Optimize Your Keywords