Drop Ship Blueprint

The Drop Ship Blueprint

Drop shipping from home is easy, fun and extremely profitable.  We breakdown the entire process to get you into profit fast!

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We’re Here To Make Money Not Waste Time
Don’t suffer from paralysis from analysis and don’t over think the process, just follow the video below.


Lessons 1 & 2 – Summary, Requirements and Live Demo

10% Completion of Course

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No fees are required to list items on eBay.  We’ll show you in the following sections how to do this.  The only time you pay is after the customer pays you, then you’ll pay your sellers fees at that time.


Lesson 3 – Product Research

20% Completion of Course

Lesson 4 – Pricing Your Products Correctly

35% Completion of Course

Lesson 5 – Title Optimization

50% Completion of Course

Lesson 6 – Product Images

60% Completion of Course

Lesson 7 – Product Description

70% Completion of Course

Lesson 8 – Disclaimer

80% Completion of Course

Lesson 9 – Shipping Options

90% Completion of Course

Lesson 10 – Tracking Spreadsheet

95% Completion of Course

Lesson 11 -Product Fulfillment

100% Completion of Course