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The TPS Phenomenon Attracts over 120,000 Members In Asia

The American Dream is a live and well.  New Zealander Daniel Swords shares in this powerful testimonial why he came to America and why he is laser focussed on the end result.  People here in the United States are trying to capture that same energy that is happening all over Asia with TPS (the perfect solution).  TPS is gearing itself up to become a major player in this new cross-border e-commerce race.

Already with well over 120,000 members in Asia just in it’s first 13 months in business, the member based global shopping platform hasn’t scratched the surface.  People who are tired of all those MLM’s that require an auto ship love this platform.  No Autoship!  People trying to generate income on their own with Affiliate marketing programs love the TPS platform… Global Sales Bonus Pools.  People that love to network but have always struggled sharing their business opportunity with others love the TPS platform… The TPS 138 Global Spillover Matrix.   People that love dropping shipping and arbitrage business models but struggle to scale their business because it costs too much money to inventory product and are unsure if all that product would even sell on Amazon love the TPS Platform… The TPS Global Drop Shipping Program.

The list goes on and on.  TPS is a true e-commerce customer acquisition model that pays its member for their hard work.  Nobody gets paid for simply recruiting people like all those ponzi schemes that popup every year and then get shut down or run away with everyone’s money.  The days of MLM Auto Ships which force people to purchase over priced products that are designed to feed their compensation plan are over.  Here you purchase what you want, when you want.  You buy and sell what you need, not what someone tells you to buy.

 There is even a FREE option where you can actually create a sustainable income.   Go figure.  Upgrades are optional and not required.  Have you ever wanted to help a non-profit generate some passive residual income?  This is it.  You couldn’t do this with an MLM because want to buy what they want when they want.  This is great for all those church mission groups, cheer squads, private school fundraisers, music program, you name it.  No cost to enroll and they get paid when they purchase off the TPS platform and now with their new super affiliate programs that feature stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Omaha Steaks, PacSun, Petsmart, and the list goes on and on!!

If you apply yourself, you can be rewarded for your true worth.  For the first time, members have become the asset.  People around the world are realizing that there is no shortcut to financial freedom.  You need to apply yourself, not rely on anybody to build a business for you in order to run a real business.

This TPS hybrid disruptive business model will create the final wave in home based business opportunities.


TPS Mulitple Streams of Income
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TPS 138 Global Spillover Matrix
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TPS Daily Sales Bonus Pool
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TPS 138 Global Spillover Matrix
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TPS Generational Sales Overrides
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TPS 138 Matrix
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TPS Daily Sales Bonus Pool
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TPS 138 Matrix
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Prosperity Training at TPS138

NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist Keya Murthy laid the foundation a prosperity makeover to TPS138 members in a recent training at River Ridge Golf course in Oxnard California.  This 40 mini seminar is a must watch any home business owner needing a kickstart in their life.

TPS138 A True Game Changer

People around the world wake up everyday, shower, get ready for work, scramble out the door and fight their way through traffic to their days jobs.  4 o’clock comes around and they start counting the minutes till 5 o’clock only to rush back home in traffic, pickup dinner or kids, rest up for an hour or two only to start the process all over again.

Their gut instinct tells them that there must be something else…. they read about people having better lifestyles, more freedom and they dream about what life would be if they took a leap of faith, but there is always that fear of what if…. what if it doesn’t work out.  Believe in your gut instincts and take that leap.

The TPS138 business opportunity is a true game changer!

TPS138 is a one of a kind disruptive business model that only comes around once a decade.  Most people involved in affiliate marketing programs will love TPS138 because of it’s unique compensation plan.  Long gone will be the days of one-off commissions (where you only get paid once).   Their new innovative commission structure allows you to get paid as many as 10 times every time you sell a product or introduce new customers to their platform.  Imagine this… A Daily Global Sales Bonus Pool!!  That’s correct, for only doing a few sales per month, TPS which by the way stands for “The Perfect Solution” allows you to participate in a sales pool with all other qualified members around the world.  You can qualify anytime during the month and the following month they share the pool with you everyday.  If you think that’s awesome, for a few more sales you can also qualify to be paid once per month in their Monthly Global Sales Bonus Pool.

Are you starting to see why we’re so excited about this new platform?

We will be doing a comprehensive review of their pay structure in the future.  Contact your TPS138 associate for more information.

Don’t be one of those people that is constantly saying to themselves… “What if I try it and it doesn’t work?”  What if it worked and you never tried it?  Don’t live your life in constant regret.  Take action today… take that leap of faith.

The TPS138 Incentivized Shopping Platform Is The Perfect Solution For Affiliate Marketers!

Our Recent Live Event In Southern California

Live footage from an event in Whittier, California where we brought together a few hundred members and vendors.

We present these events all over the county and our members are able to participate in them at no additional cost.  Why work for someone else… and make them rich?  Be your own boss!  Become financially independent!  Easily earn part-time or full-time income in a remarkably simple business.

Training – One Millionaire At A Time

Welcome to the Dream Builder University. Take advantage of all the free resources. If you like what you see, just think what we offer on monthly membership program.  We have one of the world’s best collection of training videos and system from top producers from every type of business imaginable.

Join today and learn from people just like you that are operating a successful home business.

We’ve all been there.  We’ve all struggle trying to crack the code.

Look no more.  We’ll show step by step how to promote your business or service on the internet and in person.